Daily Gesture Drawings

Attempting to keep up the daily gesture drawings. Something I was introduced to by one of the many learn-to-draw books I purchased last year. This book, Kimon Nicolaides’ “The Natural Way to Draw”, describes Mr. Nicolaides’ approach to teaching drawing. The term of gesture drawing is – as I believe – based on Mr. Nicolaides’ usage and meaning. Don’t expect me to explain it here, go out and get the book. He gives lots of hints to which principles to practice and if you are open-minded, the book may open your eyes to a whole new world of art. The entire book covers a one year course and I am still stuck in the first quarter of the book. I keep up daily gesture drawing especially after I found a few gesture portals on the Net which offer figure drawing models in 1 minute intervals.
Here two links for gesture tools:
quick poses
practice tools for figure drawing


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