An Evening with George B. Bridgman

Well, actually it starts with a morning on my own.

Attempting to sketch/draw a figure without reference and from the top of my head. This has been spooking around my head for a few days and before I left for the office, I wanted to give it a try:

… and a few more tries, even reducing the figure to a simple gesture drawing. This exercise is good for me (not falling back on references). It is very honest and displays my current lack of skill. It can be depressing and I believe this is what stops me from drawing most of time. But honestly, I mustn’t forget I wasn’t doing anything like this a year back.

So, perspective is still quite an issue and drawing believable 3 dimensional objects. Gesture isn’t quite right either. But what can I expect from not practicing. Anyhow, got back from the day job and tried a few more off the top of my head. Until I decided on retrieving my George B. Bridgman “Head” book from my ever growing tower of drawing instructions.


Now this is where I want to be one of the days, without looking at the book. It looks so simple just a few lines and it’s there. Ha! So simple … perhaps one of the days. Practice, practice, practice.

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