Moebius and A. Dürer wept

Ok, I probably need to get over myself, but I spent the weekend with my Copic Multiliner and a new Copic Ciao Black and Grey marker pen. I’m looking into creating the impression of space, perspective, form and surface structure by concentrating on each line making decision. The first results are pictures of hands, so I considered mentioning Dürer and as many of the lines remind me of what I enjoy about Moebius comics, I mentioned him too. Can’t get enough of them two.

So all of these are from references out of a chemist’s magazine, so there are a few ladies with a cold. I’m only working with the Copic pen (0.3) and not doing much active measuring, so some sketches look wonky put also funny.

20141210-2 20141210-3 20141210-4 20141210-5 20141210-7 20141210-820141210-1

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