Jawlensky … a weekend

Just back from a weekend “painting” course in my local municipal art museum, where a handful of original Jawlensky portraits are currently being exhibited.

Jawlensky, abstract modernist, had a long productive period in which he developed a very abstract view of portraits. I will not even attempt to resemble any notion of understanding in any detail, anything about abstract paintings. But, standing there, in front of one of Jawlensky’s portraits (can’t find it on the Net, sorry) and analysing the colours and impressions our small group had, well …  that really opened my eyes for this one painting. Wow! I will never see it again with the naive eyes I approached it on Saturday.

Back at the workbench: Monotyping all Saturday, then Sunday began with first attempts at colour. Here the results.

These are my best monotyping examples. A geriatric lady, obviously on her way out, reminding me of the passing of time and the two extremes of childhood and old age … which in the end, perhaps do not seem so far apart.

DSC03455 DSC03458

Next day (Sunday) the colours appeared.

DSC03450 DSC03451 DSC03452 DSC03453 DSC03454

Then a few more monotypes and a final painting.


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