Of Course! Two courses …

A weekend of traveling sketches and a Tuesday with ink!

The weekend was concentrated around 1, 2 and 3 point (can you believe it?) perspective. A “few” sketches of trees and that’s about it. The summer may offer more input, as I’ve asked to be notified when a group of sketchers gets out and about, drawing scenes around the town I live in.

The Tuesday (today) leads me into my weekly course of indulgence into ink again. The next Tuesdays will continue similar to this.

Paris, high ceilinged gallery/arcade, about 45 minutes, then a few in 5 minutes, with water and paintprush, after using fountain pen to draw these:


Trees and a bit of street scenery:

DSC03468 DSC03469 DSC03470 DSC03471





Country side here in Germany:


Copies of some Masters, don’t ask me which:

DSC03477 DSC03478

Some practicing of perspective:

DSC03479 DSC03480ho

Now comes the Tuesday with ink.

Sepia, 1 hour:


And black Indian Ink, 5 minutes:


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