First Attempts at Waterscapes

Again, … back from a Tuesday evening class, where our teacher gave us a 45 minute introduction to how he paints a very specific landscape, which we could use as a reference, or just do what we liked.

So, of course, I went for the do-as-you-like option. And here we are.

(This is all on really flimsy, calligraphy paper, my wife is going to kill me if she reads this. Using up all her paper …)

1st pic [CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGES], got some input during the course and adapted it here and there (got some pretty good advice, it’s this stuff you really need to memorize, so you can be objective about your pics during the making):


2nd pic (this was actually, what we may have been expected to be doing, as the paper is too thin, I couldn’t use any washes, or at least I didn’t dare use any):


3rd pic (Then back to the river bank scene with a stone and a butterfly now) (got some good advice here too):


4th (back to the waterscape, just a 2 minute sketch):


5th (trying something out you see all the time):


And the last one, 6th, basically had an idea, but I also needed to use up my ink:


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