Figure Drawing again

20150804_figure_class_1Wow, … no easel today, no charcoal, no newsprint, just a 4B pencil and smooth drawing paper. Inbetween a stint at watercolours, which actually doesn’t look too bad for a noob like me.

Tutor wasn’t there tonight, so I took over the role of setting the timer, I also sat all night at a desk, which was probably quite hilarious for the other students.20150804_figure_class_2

We begin with three 5 minute poses, then <coffee break>,  then two 10 minute poses, then <small chat (break)> and a 15 minute pose, then <walk around and inspect “competition” break>, 20150804_figure_class_3then 20 minutes for the watercolour (started with 3B sketching, then an obviously non-water-resitant Japan-nib 0.5mm Derwent fineliner and finally the watercolours, that’s where the fineliner ink starts to show its non-water-resistance), then <yawn, stretch and take a break>,20150804_figure_class_4 in the End a 13 minute sketch for me (3B) … and clear up and go home to a glass of Prosecco.

3 thoughts on “Figure Drawing again

    • chromo5 Aug 7, 2015 / 4:04 pm

      Thnx! I enjoyed browsing your blog, too. Liked the letter to van Gogh, like your line work. Are you familiar with the “Gibson Girl”? I like your combination of handwriting and sketch.


      • Russell. Aug 7, 2015 / 5:59 pm

        ..most welcome Mr. And thank you. Not familiar, will Google. Keep up the great work, Russell.


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