Fun and Games at Life Class

7 pm, Life class:

Teacher: OK, let’s do something fun. You’re only allowed 20 lines, you have 5 minutes.
Stuart: That’s long. 5 minutes … I may have cheated, stopped counting my lines.
Teacher: … and for the last 5 minutes, switch the tool from thin to thick.
Stuart: OK, I’ll switch to wax crayons.

20151103_evening-3Teacher: More fun. Now you’re only allowed 20 horizontal lines.
Stuart: … but I can’t see any
Teacher: Yes, and you may also fill in shadow shapes, if you like.
Stuart: … like this?
Teacher: … now five minutes again, and then an additional 5 to “complete” the drawing as you wish.
Stuart: … ok, those wax crayons are coming in handy.
Teacher: Now you have 15 minutes for a pose. Try out the stuff you’ve just taught yourself

Teacher: One normal pose.
Stuart: Hey, foreshortening is my middle name!
Teacher: Continuously changing pose. Stick to the same drawing, the model changes the pose set-up every few minutes.
Stuart: … like this?

20151103_evening-1Teacher: Good night! Don’t forget to sign the attendance list.

2 thoughts on “Fun and Games at Life Class

  1. Ed Mostly Nov 6, 2015 / 9:07 pm

    Very good, especially the last two; fine foreshortening and multi-limbed Hindu god posing. I can see how your life class is great for building the key sketching skills of speed and economy of line. Ed

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    • Stu-ttg-art Nov 7, 2015 / 11:26 am

      Thanks, Ed! Especially the economy of line is something I would have never believed in succeeding with a year ago. I’m a bit afraid of plateau-ing again, and think it’s time for me to switch tools 🙂


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