The Tools of Kreativity

Well, the first week of SketchBookSkool (SBS) is well underway.

I’m very impressed with the channels of creativity it has already allowed me to explore. The videos are short, but wow!, they are incredible. I’ve had a sneek peak of Felix Scheinberger painting a little comical bird in 3 minutes with a water brush (and lighter!/Feuerzeug). I’ve been hand-lettering (thanks to Koosje’s lessons) at work during meetings.

I just sat down and did this (hey, why am I doing all that gesture drawing practice anyway?):


Tools in use:

  • pencil (B)
  • handcrafted (turned) nib holder (from the Siegburg Weihnachtsmarkt)
  • Heintze&Blanckertz “G” nib
  • “Dirk Weber, Bonn” Indian Ink wasserfest
  • Koi water brush
  • rag (old vest of mine, sorry, I was sure you wanted to know that)
  • Winsor&Newton Colman traveler’s watercolour set
  • 1917 Leuchtturm sketchpad

Since the course started on Friday, I sketched all of this:

I wonder what Ed ( will say about my interpretation of Hokusai … ?

4 thoughts on “The Tools of Kreativity

  1. Carol King Jan 21, 2016 / 4:54 am

    I have no doubt you will graduate with honors from sketchbook skool. I look forward to more posts.

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  2. Ed Mostly Jan 22, 2016 / 8:33 pm

    It’s all gone font-tastic…Lovely stuff, especially the breakfast landscape with receding ellipses. And the Hokusai image is fun, just needs a tiny boat full of terrified fisherfolk, perched on the letter ‘w’! I’ve resisted the Skketkhbooc Schkchool so far, but it’s interesting to see its influence; as with his books, the key Danny Gregory impact is getting you doing something, anything, just get on with it.

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    • Stu-ttg-art Jan 22, 2016 / 8:39 pm

      Thanks, Ed! I had my doubts with SBS. But it’s very educational, inspiring and heplful, actually. As you have noticed, it’s helping me “go places”. I hoped you’d like the Hokusai 😉


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