Vindictive and Very Vaccinated (VVV)

Well, … do I have to say it? Figure Drawing Night! I got there just in time, after nearly being run over by a car and having had my cholera, hepatitis A and rabies jabs for a business trip I may be going on.

So, with stiff shoulder(s) and mind whirling around what I would liked to have done to said motorist, I unpacked my prep-ed sketch book and with a few quotes and ideas in mind, I set to work.

“Eliminate cast shadows. […] You want to feel that you have touched the entire figure.” – Kimon Nicolaides


You may be able to see something under the first coat of paint, it is a page from one of my wife’s mail order stores, covered with a diluted mix of acrylic paint and watercolour. I skated over it all with my nearly empty blue Tombow Calligraphy pen (it’s a lovely tool!) and then hacked away at layering shades of Faber Castell polychromos on the (far too smooth) surface.

I went home, quite cool and calm, knowing I had eliminated those blasted cast shadows and touched the entire figure.

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