5 hours a day

Wow, what a Sunday!

Before breakfast, I was already on quickposes.com and practicing “30 second feet” and faces.

Directly after breakfast, I broke out the Sktchy.com iOS app and ran a few quick portraits on a paper bag from the bakery. Copic pens got a short act in there too.

1 pm took us into town, where we visited a vernissage of Kurdish women in Bonn’s Frauenmuseum (http://www.frauenmuseum.de/). Once there, I was excited to find that it was quite easy for me to just reach for my fountain pen, small A6 Moleskine journal and 4 colour pencils to indulge myself in a selfish act of drawing. Later I had small chats with some of the Kurdish ladies and their children.

Once home and after some tea, knowing that my wife would be out for a night of dancing (Tango Argentino), I started working through my Sktchy app photo queue. Still working with the 4 colour pencils, Lamy and A6 Moleskine cahier journal.

All told, I believe I clocked 5 hours of drawing today. Something I haven’t done for a long time, but I believe I covered some important areas: practice, fun and project. Hopefully to be repeated fairly soon.

Here is most of what I drew today.

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