Back On Track

What happened?

After nearly OD-ing on my regular diet of FB, I’ve now managed 12 days without Facebook and Instagram.

The first few days:

itching to look at FB, IG or even twitter … even considered reinstalling the Sktchy app.

To be honest with you and especially myself, I wasn’t actually missing other people’s posts, but I did get the urge to bring my USk books back up from where I banned them: the cellar. But I didn’t succumb to it.

To feed the “gobble gobble urge”, the first few days I watched a lot of videos by Michael Matessi and a few youtube videos on keeping a sketchbook. Ninja Sketchbooking. Or something like that. Not too much information there, actually. Certainly time consuming and certainly nothing to get addicted to.

I’ve been preparing this blog post now for days by taking notes on my phone, which – after about a week –  actually seemed to help quit the online habit. Just chatting with myself instead of putting “my shit” out there. (Which I am actually still doing by posting this, but there’s just you and me reading this.)

I considered starting some more obsessive drawing habits (additionally to my daily gesture drawing obsession):

  • Self portraits, daily
  • Drawing every day objects

I started with the self portraits but I actually ran out of motivation and enjoyed a few days watching Chinese films and reading Elmore Leonard novels.

On the weekend I treated myself to a “handmade” fountain pen (handle is turned from two different types of African wood and the nib is German made: Bock). I also bought a handmade sketch/notebook with Italian paper and used it all tonight at this weeks first life drawing event.

2 thoughts on “Back On Track

  1. Debora Missoorten Jun 28, 2017 / 8:58 am

    I am feeling your “struggle/battle” as I am currently in the same argue with myself lately but it’s wonderful you digged up your USB sketchbooks again , I think the most important is to get back to the daily drawing habit no matter if it is a daily object, a self portrait, a ‘scribble’ because you are drawing and from one comes the other but it’s nice sharing your experiences and thoughts here it’s helpfull and did me decide to update my blog TODAY inspired by yours , thanks a lot my best friend !

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    • Stu-ttg-art Jun 28, 2017 / 11:55 am

      Made me smile, thanks Debora! Been thinking of you lately too, it was a lovely day we spent in your garden. Draw, draw and draw a little more, but also do something else every now and again.


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