9 1/2 months later

The past 9 months have taught me once more, how important it is to be working with tools that make you happy. The paper needs to be what you love (in my case that’s smooth, thick and it needs to lie flat), the pen needs to be fit for the purpose, react to your every whim and behave consistently and predictably (I have quite a few of them. Unfortunately, fountain pens have not fulfilled the requirements, so it’s back to Tombows and Faber Castell pens. Which I’m ok with.). I spent a lot of time just playing around, doing quick, daily, pose sketches. But that got boring and wasn’t really worth sharing with anyone, so going back to urban sketching and a few portraits was quite joyful. Here are a selection of some of my latest and greatest.

Spent a bit of the afternoon on the balcony, capturing the light.
Drew a self portrait in profile, using 4 different brush pens.
Spent an evening on my own at an Italian restaurant. Just drawing and eating. Hadn’t done that for a long time.
After a very long time, I fiinally manged to draw another of these figures. Still got another 40 or so to do.
Worked on a well rendered life drawing from a reference photo. Blue pencil on marker paper.
A view of Bonn, while out with my urban sketcher buddies, like every Wednesday.

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