Endings and Beginnings

The year 2022 is coming to an end. The last few months I’ve found myself drawing and even painting a little more again. I registered for two evening classes at my local adult education facility (Volkshochschule). I went to watercolour classes Monday evenings. Thursday evenings I sat together with all types of budding artists, and while they were introduced to a different media every other week, I’d draw black and white figures from reference photos.

This year, I eventually managed to unblock my mental constraint for just drawing something without references in my sketchbook. I’m still not good at it, but … once a week I’ll fill a page or four in my book with silly figures.

Urban sketching is plodding along, I get out every Wednesday and draw and chat with others. I’m not always happy about the venues, but I generally manage to get up and go to them. This year, I also started moving into a more colourful approach to urban sketching, starting with 3 felt tip pens, then introducing more colours and eventually even moving out with a whole mat of coloured pencils. I’m now reducing that multitude of colours back a little, because there’s so much I don’t understand about colours and it confuses and frustrates me.

Charcoal is also back on the menu. I’m making A2-sized drawings of figures on newsprint, learning about gesture, shape, proportion and next up is form. The goal is eventually to draw better imaginary figures in my sketchbooks. Which I believe was the reason for me starting to draw.

Urban Sketching in Bonn, using fineliner, felt tip pens and coloured pencils.
A watercolour from my Monday class. Topic was “measuring”, I rushed it a bit and the cow’s head ended up quite narrow.
Those small figure drawings I’ve been doing since December 2020. Using brushpens and graphite.
The charcoal drawing practice I’m doing currently. Gesture, shapes, proportion.
Next stop: form.

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