“Charging in” in Class

Giving my Lamy Safari and the watercolours another chance tonight at my weekly, evening class.

20150825_A-3 20150825_A-1

The “charging in” is a watercolour technique which means you continue an “activated”, washed area with a new colour.
E.g. you mix 3 washes on your palette (me, I mixed a green, a yellow/orange/ocker, and a greyish blue). You start washing an area and then switch the colours and let the new load of wash touch and mingle with the still active area.

Figure Drawing again

20150804_figure_class_1Wow, … no easel today, no charcoal, no newsprint, just a 4B pencil and smooth drawing paper. Inbetween a stint at watercolours, which actually doesn’t look too bad for a noob like me.

Tutor wasn’t there tonight, so I took over the role of setting the timer, I also sat all night at a desk, which was probably quite hilarious for the other students.20150804_figure_class_2

We begin with three 5 minute poses, then <coffee break>,  then two 10 minute poses, then <small chat (break)> and a 15 minute pose, then <walk around and inspect “competition” break>, 20150804_figure_class_3then 20 minutes for the watercolour (started with 3B sketching, then an obviously non-water-resitant Japan-nib 0.5mm Derwent fineliner and finally the watercolours, that’s where the fineliner ink starts to show its non-water-resistance), then <yawn, stretch and take a break>,20150804_figure_class_4 in the End a 13 minute sketch for me (3B) … and clear up and go home to a glass of Prosecco.

New Model

DSC03966A very interesting evening with a new model. And this evening I arrived with the idea to do some watercolouring. DSC03967As I am not very experienced with watercolours, I need to do more and more and make mistakes for the first year or so.

DSC03967_2So here goes, after a phase of warming up with charcoal on newsprint, DSC03968one watercolour was achieved during a 3 x 5 minutes spree and a 5 minute break.


An Evening with George B. Bridgman

Well, actually it starts with a morning on my own.

Attempting to sketch/draw a figure without reference and from the top of my head. This has been spooking around my head for a few days and before I left for the office, I wanted to give it a try:

… and a few more tries, even reducing the figure to a simple gesture drawing. This exercise is good for me (not falling back on references). It is very honest and displays my current lack of skill. It can be depressing and I believe this is what stops me from drawing most of time. But honestly, I mustn’t forget I wasn’t doing anything like this a year back.

So, perspective is still quite an issue and drawing believable 3 dimensional objects. Gesture isn’t quite right either. But what can I expect from not practicing. Anyhow, got back from the day job and tried a few more off the top of my head. Until I decided on retrieving my George B. Bridgman “Head” book from my ever growing tower of drawing instructions.


Now this is where I want to be one of the days, without looking at the book. It looks so simple just a few lines and it’s there. Ha! So simple … perhaps one of the days. Practice, practice, practice.