2017-06-15: So, this is my 30 second gesture drawing one year later.


2016-05-22: Here a selection of my latest gestures, I am working at 30 seconds a pose for at least 30 minutes a day at the moment.


2016-04-24: I have switched to 30 second gesture drawing with a hard brush pen. And I spent a few hours at a late night Tango dance event last week. Here are the last gestures I drew at the night out. These are not practice gestures, I spent the previous 45 minutes getting into the flow of the music and dancers by just attempting to capture the line of action in legs and body.

2016-04-24: Here a selection of my latest gesture practices, 30 and 45 secs, and some longer studies of football and basketball players (probably up to 5 minutes each), Brush pen (Faber-Castell, black and grey), Lamy Safari (black ink). My first page at a night out with Tango dancers is also here.

201604-gestures-1 201604-gestures-2 201604-gestures-3 201604-gestures-4 201604-gestures-5 201604-gestures-6 201604-gestures-7

2016-03-02: Have been very busy gesturing, but not publishing them here. I got very comfortable with the boxes, but have now switched back to contour, and cross contour lines. I have also now switched to Faber Castell Soft Brush Pen (SB). It is very soft, a completely new experience and hard to get used to, but these are early days. Level 3 is nearly full, wow, but there is still a long way to go until I’m really happy with my results. The effort is however already paying out in my Urban Sketching efforts.

2016-01-20: struggling a bit with these block gesture drawings. Shifting to a block for the pelvis. Also shifting to a “B” pencil. And trying 60 sec gestures again. Here the collected results of the last few days.


2016-01-14: after a few days off gesturing, but now focusing on the perspective and orientation of the 3 major elements: head, rib cage and pelvis. This forces me more to unravel the puzzle of anatomy in space. I’ve also been drawing the skeleton from memory which seems to be quite a good exercise too.

90 second evening gestures


2016-01-11: 90 second early morning gestures (later I did another 15 at work during a meeting, changing my gesture style to boxes and covering perspective and orientation better)


2016-01-10: 30(!) second hands, 60 second faces and feet


2016-01-09: 90 second faces and some 90+ second gestures using a few additional minutes on the contours and checking out my errors and progress


2016-01-08: 90 second gestures


2016-01-07: 90 second gestures


2016-01-06: 90 second gestures and 60 second hands


2016-01-05: 90 second gestures and 60 second faces


2016-01-04: 90 second gestures


2016-01-03: 90 second gestures


2016-01-02: 60 second gestures


2016-01-01: 60 second hands (Happy New Year!)


2015-12-31: 90 second gestures


2015-12-30: 90 second gestures


2015-12-29: 90 second gestures


2015-12-28: 90 second gestures


2015-12-24: 90 second gestures


2015-12-22: 90 second gestures, switching to colours (green: main skeletal elements of vertical axis, i.e. skull/head, rib-cage, pelvis; red: joints and connections/bones; brown: skin, if time permits


2015-12-21: 90 second gestures, still trying a bit of anatomy, w/o checking up on it …


2015-12-20/19: 120 and 90 sec poses, now concentrating more on the anatomy



2015-12-13: 60 sec poses (morning)


2015-12-12: 30 second faces and 60 sec poses (morning)


2015-12-10: evening 60 sec poses and 30 sec faces


2015-12-09: evening 60 and 30 sec poses


2015-12-08: morning 45 sec poses, and afternoon/evening 45 sec poses, 30 sec faces


2015-12-07: evening, 60 sec and 30 sec poses (not too happy with my gestures tonight)


2015-12-06: afternoon and evening


2015-12-06: after breakfast, 60 sec poses and 30 sec faces


2015-12-05: evening horses, 1 to 5 minutes, Waterman fountain pen

2015-12-05: (too long a break, again) 60 sec poses, 45 sec faces and 30 sec mouths (I needed some practice)


2015-12-01: 60 sec poses and twenty 30 sec. faces


2015-11-29: 45 sec “decent” poses and twenty 45 sec. feet poses


2015-11-28: for 28/11/2015, click this

2015-11-27: 90 sec “erotic” gestures and 30 (!) second female silhouetes.


2015-11-25: 60 and 30 sec gestures. I’d forgotten how quick 30 seconds pass. Really no time to waste.  Waterman “M” nib.


2015-11-23: 60 and 30 sec gestures. Quick messy figures and some really quick feet. Practice, practice, practice. All with Lamy “F” nib, blue/black ink.


2015-11-22: 45 sec gestures. Faces (cranium, face, neck, sternomastoid, trapezius, clavicle) and then some hands. All with Lamy “F” nib, blue/black ink.

20151122_midday-1 20151122_midday-2 20151122_midday-3

2015-11-21: NO GESTURES FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK! Bad on me! … afternoon gestures, hands and faces and clothed characters. 60 secs with time to relax.:

20151121_afternoon-1 20151121_afternoon-2 20151121_afternoon-3 20151121_afternoon-4 20151121_afternoon-5

2015-11-09: evening gestures, hands and feet:

20151109_evening-1 20151109_evening-2

2015-11-08: midday gestures, faces and figures:

20151108-2 20151108-1

2015-11-07: (back after a 3 or 4 day break) evening gestures (“horses” and figures):

20151107-4 20151107-3 20151107-1 20151107-2

2015-11-03: morning gestures:
20151103_morning-1 20151103_morning-2 20151103_morning-3
2015-11-02: morning gestures:

20151102_morning-1 20151102_morning-2 20151102_morning-3

2015-10-31: evening horses, 60 secs


2015-10-30/31: mornings, Waterman, 60 secs + 30 secs

20151031-120151031-220151031-3  20151031-4 20151031-5

2015-10-29: morning and evening, Waterman

20151029-320151029-220151029-120151029-6 20151029-5

2015-10-28: <no drawing at all>

2015-10-27: morning, Lamy

20151027-2 20151027-1

2015-10-26: evening, Lamy + waterbrush


2015-10-26: morning and afternoon. Clothed warriors, Dogs, Feet.
IncludesWaterman, M Nib, black (heavy pen), cheap DIN A 4 (70g)

20151026-1 20151026-2 20151026-3 20151026-420151026-5 20151026-6

2015-10-25: midday, clothed figure + hands gesture drawings (60 + 45 secs,, Lamy Safari, Blue/Black, cheap DIN A 4 (70g)
20151025_midday-1 20151025_midday-2 20151025_midday-3

2015-10-24: afternoon figure gesture drawings (60secs,, Lamy Safari, Royal Blue, cheap DIN A 4 (70g)

20151024_afternoon-2 20151024_afternoon-1
2015-10-23: morning (7.30 am) figure and face gesture drawings (60 + 30 secs,, Lamy Safari, Royal Blue, cheap DIN A 4 (70g)

20151023_morning-120151023_morning-2 20151023_morning-3

2015-10-22: morning (7.30 am) figure and hand gesture drawings (60 secs,, Lamy Safari, Royal Blue, cheap DIN A 4 (70g)

20151022_morning-1 20151022_morning-2 20151022_morning-3

2015-10-21: morning (7.30 am) feet and hand gesture drawings (60 secs,, Lamy Safari, Royal Blue, cheap DIN A 4 (70g)

Drawing hand and feet gestures make the simple mistakes I make when choosing the correct forceful shape or c-curve more obvious. Some are looking good, some lack dedication, some are funny, but it sure as hell is fun 🙂

20151021_morning-1 20151021_morning-2 20151021_morning-3

2015-10-20: “early morning” (7.30 am) gesture drawings, Lamy Safari, Royal Blue, cheap DIN A 4 (70g)

Looked at the tutorials, basically a refresh of what Michael Mattesi, and all have to teach. I’m now also concentrating on the surface force for orientation in space and describing mass. And trying out using some words (verbs) before and while putting pen to paper (describing the action or force with words: relaxing, stretching, basking, lounging, twisting, pushing, dangling, hanging, reaching, tipping …).

Then I went on for another 10 minutes with 30 second gestures. Wow, that’s fast, but who needs many lines for a gesture? 🙂

2015-10-19: “early morning” (8 am) gesture drawings, Lamy Safari, Royal Blue, cheap DIN A 4 (70g)

There are still some S-curves sneaking in there. I can’t remember 60 secs being so short. But the Lamy doesn’t really fly over the page — with the steel nib.
I must check these tutorials out today … been wanting to for some time now (weeks, months?):
basic gesture drawing
creative gesture drawing

20151019_morning-2 20151019_morning-1

2015-10-18: and a follow-up 1 hour afternoon gesture spree. 2 minute gestures on DIN A5 kids’ exercise book, Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, F-Nib, Royal Blue. The last seven don’t seem half bad, must keep up that practicing.

20151018-B-2 20151018-B-1

2015-10-18: 2nd day of gestures, 2 minute gestures on DIN A5 kids’ exercise book, F-C PITT artist pen (Dark Sepia)

20151018-120151018-2 20151018-3

2015-10-17: back to gestures, wax crayon on rough and smooth surface, biro on smooth surface (90 seconds each)

20151017-420151017-320151017-1 20151017-2

2015-08-29: two months of no gesture drawing …

2015-06-28/29: Stabilo fineliner 0,4 ; 2 minute gestures (CLICK FOR BIGGER IMAGES):

20150629-02 20150629-04 20150629-06 20150629-09 20150629-03 20150629-05 20150629-08 20150629-07 20150629-11 20150629-10 20150626-1 20150626-2

2015-06-26: Stabilo fineliner 0,4 1 minute gestures (CLICK FOR BIGGER IMAGES):


2015-06-07: A3, 90gr, 2B pencil, 1 minute gestures (CLICK FOR BIGGER IMAGES):


2015-06-06: A3, 90gr, 4B pencil, 1 minute gestures (CLICK FOR BIGGER IMAGES):

20150606-1 20150606-2

2015-04-23: A2, newsprint, charcoal, 2 minute gestures:


2015-04-21: A2, newsprint, charcoal, 1 minute gestures:

DSC03465 DSC03466

2015-04-05: A4, 70g cheap bleached paper, pencil (B) (1 minute gestures + 10 minutes additional work):


2015-04-07: A3, Newsprint, Indian Ink, Chinese brush (1 minute gestures):

20150407_figure_-11 20150407_figure_-10 20150407_figure_-09

2015-03-17: A3, Newsprint, Faber-Castell Broadpen 0.8mm (1 and 2 minute gestures):

DSC03459 DSC03460 DSC03461

2015-03-08: A2, Newsprint, Faber-Castell Broadpen 0.8mm:

2015-03-07: A4, cheap 70 gramm paper, Faber-Castell Broadpen 0.8mm:

2014-10-26: rough, unbleached A3, permanent plastic multimarker, basketball mag:

DSC03351 DSC03350 DSC03349DSC03353DSC03352

2014-10-25: First sheets are 2H + 2B pencil, then permanent plastic multimarker, all on cheap sketch paper (80 gr)

These were 14 sheets I filled during the day. Trying a few different concepts of gesture drawing. I swapped to the balck marker to teach myself not to scribble too much and because it’s better on the photos 🙂 Some are a few minutes, but only a few are like one minute.

DSC03336 DSC03337 DSC03339 DSC03340 DSC03341 DSC03342 DSC03343 DSC03344 DSC03345 DSC03346 DSC03347 DSC03348

2014-10-09: charcoal on A2 newsprint
60 second late evening gestures

2014-10-08: A2 newsprint, compressed charcoal pencil, medium, 45 – 60 seconds (not working out for me today, pencil is scraping, no real flow available, early to bed tonight …)




2014-10-07: A2 newsprint, a bit of hard compressed charcoal (too small, getting cramps in my hand), medium sized gesture studies at 6o secs a piece.

2014-10-06: A2, hard, compressed charcoal, medium sized gesture studies at 6o secs a piece.

2014-10-05: A2, hard, compressed charcoal, medium sized gesture studies at 6o secs a piece.

2014-10-05: A4, hard, compressed charcoal, small gesture studies at 45 to 60 secs a piece.